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Tuesday, 25 July 2023 / Published in 2023, Announcements, Design, Packaging
The 2023 PACKWINE Forum & Expo is now live at PACKWINE topics under discussion include: Rethinking glass wine bottles and recycling – SAWIA; EU wine label requirements for 2023 – Scantrust; Creating cleaner, taint-free natural corks – Amorim; Rolling out a recycling label for wine industry – APCO and Accolade; Labelling wines without labels – Fourth Waves
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Tuesday, 04 April 2023 / Published in 2023, Announcements, Award, Design Awards, News
Do you need more time to enter? We know it’s been a busy vintage with lots to do in the vineyard and winery. For this reason, PACKWINE is extending our invitation to enter the 2023 Design Awards. Give your latest wine product a chance to stand out among the best of the year. The popular
Change comes in many forms and can be spurred on by collective action and, sometimes, a simple deadline. Laws in the European Union (EU) state that all packaging will have to be reusable or recyclable by 2050, and that all industry mustn’t emit any CO2 by 2050. Adeline Farrelly is Secretary General of FEVE, the
Most people will be familiar with the phrase; “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. But perhaps it’s time to broaden the industry thinking about re-use. Understanding the lifespan of waste and where it goes is key to exploring how a business can improve its suitability credentials and lower its footprint. Ralph Moyle FAIP, CPP, is an experienced food-packaging
Sustainability within wine packaging is something that should be examined every part of the wine industry supply chain. Marta Mendonca has been managing the Porto Protocol Foundation since December 2019 and is an advocate for finding greater sustainability throughout the industry. “It is the bottle, the very first layer in direct contact with the product
Circular packaging markets are becoming closer and closer to reality as producers and suppliers look to ways to reduce the cost and impact of packaging. The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is a co-regulatory not-for-profit which is leading the development of a circular economy for packaging in Australia. Alison Appleby, APCO Member Services Manager, joined
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Cans are among the fastest growing segment of the wine packaging sector and consumer interest in the format is rapidly increasing each year. Opportunities for the style to grow are mirroring a growing favourability toward lighter wine styles, which are favourable for canning as they are less reliant on ageing. Neil Scrimgeour is the business
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Thursday, 04 August 2022 / Published in Announcements, News
The task of deciding the winners of the 2022 PACKWINE Design Awards will fall to three judges with extensive wine industry insights and experience. To assess the entries will be judgesNerida Kelton MAIP, Executive Director of the Australian Institute of Packaging; Paul Baggio, Managing Director of Della Toffola Pacific and Bertolaso Australia; and Nina Chalmers,
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The 2021 PACKWINE Forum & Expo is still live and available to access until the close of business on 30 June. If you haven’t already viewed the Forum’s webinar presentations, suppliers’ stalls in the Expo Hall or seen all the winners of the inaugural PACKWINE Design Awards, now is your chance. Visit the PACKWINE event
PACKWINE Forum & Expo
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With a vast generational history of farming the land across livestock and the vineyard, Fowles Wine wanted to enrich the family’s past through its wine labelling. Through the creation of the ‘Are You Game?’ series of seven wines, Fowles Wine was able to embody an inherent respect for the environment, a healthy passion for experiencing