Arising from the desire to revolutionise its brand to build greater recognition, Bella Sangria looked at means of showcasing and owning the fun and playful nature of its pack design while transforming its representation to reflect the quality and taste of its product through its new bottle design.

The outcome was this 750mL shrink wrap bottle format that encourages sharing and to give a sense of celebration, as is typically associated with a Champagne or sparkling wine.

Bella Sangria’s chief executive officer Daniel Korman indicated that his team had spent a lot of time seeing what other wine brands were doing for their packaging and realised that very few wine bottles on the market had a sleeve, let alone a white one. “The few that did, really stood out,” he said. “So I knew early on, that to grab attention, the bottle had to be unique and different to everything else on the shelf, hence we decided to go with the sleeved bottle design.”

The pack’s key design element is the illustrations that hero the three key fruit flavours in the Bella Sangria Red, with the fruits arranged in a playful overlapping way to highlight the notion of connection. “Bella Sangría Red is infused with oranges, lemons and cherries, so we wanted to illustrate that on the bottle too, whilst ensuring a minimal and clean design,” said Korman. “The fruits began as rough sketches and even the final version was all hand-drawn by Celine (Tan, the winery’s graphic designer). This effect, plus the white sleeve and logo makes the bottle look playful, and the vibrant colours are fun and warm, perfect for a Fiesta.”

The impact of the design helps with the overall brand recognition and trust while building a customer perception that it is a premium product.

“The design has been so well received, better than I anticipated in fact,” Korman said. “Our customers would tell us that they only bought Bella Sangría because they loved the packaging and, of course, the idea of a pre-mixed Sangría. This is obviously flattering, however packaging only makes up half the battle. “The product has to be amazing too, otherwise your customers won’t come back and re-order. Luckily our bottle was awarded 90 points, unparalleled for a bottle Sangría.

“It’s vegan friendly, all natural, 100% Aussie made and produced at Mount Avoca; Australia’s most highly awarded organic winery.” Korman said that winning the Best Classic Format Design award meant a “great deal” to the winery as it had spent a huge amount of time designing the packaging for this bottle and it is always nice to be recognised for hard work.

Post adapted from the Grapegrower & Winemaker June 2021 edition, reporting by Stephen O’Loughlin.


Best Classic Format Package Design

This category is open to traditional 750ml bottles. Packages will be judged on their visual appeal, design functionality, appropriateness for the price segment and the creative utilisation of the classic bottle format.



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