Best Package Series Design

Drury Lane Estate Wines 2022 series

Photo: Alexandra Scott


The silhouette of the dog that appears on the Drury Lane label is a nod to co-founder Alexandra Scott’s heritage.


Scott explained that they chose a whippet for the silhouette because it was the same breed as the dog that featured on the family crest for Drury, her maiden name.

“The other benefit of the dog is [that] just a simple change of the dog’s pose distinguishes differences in the varietal,” said Scott.


“We were looking for a scalable package design that would be able grow with us as our brand and product offerings increased over time, but that would be distinct enough to easily be able to discern one varietal from the next.


“The dog’s pose was also matched with the varietal as best we could,” said Scott. “The puppy-shaped pink dog was placed on the rosé as it was more likely to appeal to a female audience, who are the primary drinkers of that varietal.

“The other key differential with our label in the otherwise very saturated wine market, was the colours we used. Our brand values and subsequently our labels are all about daring to be different and standing out in a crowd,” said Scott, something that the striking colours on the packaging are intended to reflect.

Drury Lane’s journey to finding a graphic designer was also a little different from the norm.

“We hosted a design competition on,” explained Scott. “The winning designer then worked with us to conduct a full brand/identity assessment and out the other end of that, once we had refined our target audience, we came up with the eye-catching package design series you see today.”

Scott said that the dog on the labels was also designed to elicit an emotive response from the consumer.

 “We describe our wines as “honest, authentic wines that are meticulously grown and made to drink with the people you love.”