Best Luxury Design

Mission Estate were searching for a unique way to present their Huchet wines that not only mirrored the quality of the wine, but paid tribute to their legacy.

“Everything in the wine is reflected in the packaging,” said Peter Holley, chief executive officer at Mission Estate.

“Total commitment to detail, style, and sensual satisfaction.”

Designed by Sara Fraser from Sartoria, the packaging is an embodiment of the heart and depth of the bold wine. Gold foil was used to set the regal atmosphere of the wine, emphasised with pearlescent foil wings to catch the light in an ethereal way. A premium foiled single bottle gift box accompanies the wine packaging at the point of sale.

Holley said the packaging has been received with “pure enjoyment”.

“An extraordinary fine wine, outstanding viticulture and brilliant winemaking needed to be melded into presentation that would excite fine wine buyers and satisfy the curiosity of fastidious and demanding consumers,” said Holley.

One hurdle with this design was that the label needed to come in two sizes – one to fit each varietal. For the Bordeaux expression, the label was elongated in order to compliment the slender bottle.

Subtlety and contrast were combined to develop a sense of intrigue in the Huchet packaging.

The minimal colour palette reflects the French origins of Brother Cyprian Huchet with red, white and blue. The message ‘Since 1851’ features on the tin capsule, emphasising the heritage of the winery. Typography was kept “elegant and minimalist” to ensure the embellishments and heritage stood proudly in “a contemporary expression that will remain timeless for many years to come.”

 “The design is punctuated with strong colours, sharp contrast, and subtle textural elements,” said Holley, producing an end result that is “both provocative and evocative.”

Holley explains that quality luxury packaging should convey “a sense of knowing”.