Packaging and labelling technologies for wine, just like bottling processes themselves, have advanced significantly in recent years. Della Toffola Pacific’s managing director, Paul Baggio, discusses these changes and the benefits to the business of winemaking. Della Toffola is very well regarded across all winemaking regions as the industry leader, with a multi-generational history of delivering
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Friday, 18 June 2021 / Published in 2021, Design, Marketing, Packaging, Speakers, Technology, Wine
What do you buy when you hand over the cash for an Akubra hat, a pair of RM boots or a Country Road shirt? A high quality item of clothing that’s going to keep you warm and dry? Or something more? Would you be just as happy to have precisely the same item if it
Wine Intelligence country manager for Australia and New Zealand, Ben Luker, says it’s a good time to be thinking about wine packaging formats. “In a wine category dominated by the ubiquitous 750ml bottle, alternative formats provide an opportunity for producers to tap into drivers that the traditional glass bottle may struggle to deliver on convenience,
Speaker Ralph Moyle, education coordinator for the Australian Institute of Packaging, will focus on the environmental impacts of wine packaging in his presentation to the upcoming PACKWINE Forum & Expo later this month. Moyle is an experienced food-packaging consultant with 40 years in the food processing industry, including 25 years focused on packaging. In his
Paul Baggio, managing director of Della Toffola Pacific and one of Australia’s leaders in winemaking and packaging technology, will share his insights as a speaker at the upcoming 2021 PACKWINE Forum & Expo. Mr Baggio has extensive experience at the forefront of wine machinery manufacturing, following a 25-year career in the local industry. Under his
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Wednesday, 10 March 2021 / Published in Bottling, Glass, Maintenance, Wine
Getting wine from the vineyard to the shelves has always remained a stressful experience each vintage for grapegrowers and winemakers alike. When their wines are ready to be bottled, nothing could be worse than an easily-avoidable bottling line mishap slowing down the process. Journalist Samuel Squire spoke with bottling contractors and wineries about ways to
What does it take to successfully introduce an innovative alternative packaging format that’s accepted by both wine producers and consumers? According to one celebrated speaker at the upcoming 2021 PACKWINE Forum & Expo, it’s not an easy process. Greg Stokes, CEO and founder of Intelligent Packaging Pty Ltd (trading as Barokes Wines), and inventor of