Macedon Hills - Virgin Hills Range

2017 Macedon Hills Shiraz Malbec - With aromas of blueberries, mocha and cedar, the palate reveals a delightful mix of spicy Shiraz and luscious Malbec. The silky smooth velvety tannins complement the abundant flavours of vanilla, blackberries, pepper and spice.

2018 Macedon Hills Cabernet Sauvignon - Medium to full-bodied, with good intensity of colour, aromas of blackberry with dark chocolate. A powerful palate is balanced by soft, velvety tannins and subtle, intermingled French oak.

This premium wine series is inspired by both the winemaking process and Macedon Hills region itself. The elegant designs complement each other as a matching pair with inversed colours representing the pink and red of the grapes during fermentation. The sophisticated, typography-led design and distinctive colour palette are heightened by a bespoke textured finish with eye-catching foil highlights.

Our primary challenge was to create a premium twin series - complementary and complete when seen together, whilst each bottle be singularly striking in impact.

Once we finalised the design concept, our next challenge was to source the best foils to match the corresponding labels’ primary colour. The reflective foil finishes and textured paper stock choice had to look good together in different lighting conditions. Selecting the optimal foil and ink colours was a key challenge. This was due to not only the limited range of foil colours available, but because the colours needed to closely resemble the fermenting grapes, and match across labels.

In addition to referencing the winemaking process, we wanted the labels to represent the Macedon Hills region in a meaningful way.

In order to create a cohesive twin design, we decided to use a minimal two-colour palette inspired by fermenting grapes, with the colours reversed on each label.

The final colours were carefully chosen to represent the deep red skin and soft pink flesh of fermenting grapes. We also had to ensure the colour combination remained aesthetically pleasing, and closely matched between the labels.

The Macedon Hills region is conveyed through the dominant typography on both the front and back of the labels. Elegant, stacked letterforms flow and spill into each other - the cascading, curved shapes a nod to the wild, rolling landscape.

The combination of roughly textured uncoated paper stock with metallic reflective foils was chosen to elevate the clean letterforms. A matte varnish completes the premium finish - further enhancing the contrast and depth for eye-catching retail impact.

The combination of clean design, rich colours, and a bespoke finish result in a pair of labels that are as striking as they are complementary. Cascading typography brings the Macedon Hills region to the centre of each design in a dynamic and sophisticated way. The inspired colour palette is heightened by reflective foils and a deeply tactile finish, to elegantly capture the sensory nature of winemaking, including colour, aroma and texture.

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