Fowles Are you Game?

The Are you Game? range consists of 7 wines.

They are: a Sparkling with a dash of Vermentino, Pinot Grigio with a dash of Arneis, Chardonnay with a dash of Sauvignon Blanc, Arneis with a dash of Riesling, Pinot Noir with a dash of Sangiovese, Shiraz with a dash of Mourvedre, and Cabernet Sauvignon with a dash of Saperavi.

Winemaking is a game of quick wit, experience and endurance. Each year Mother Nature challenges us to a match and each year we respond; moving deftly with the lightest possible touch.

As seasoned contenders, we know how to play the game. The resulting blend is captivating; light on its feet yet full of character and perfect with food.

Are you Game?

  • Year wine was released to market: 2020
  • Retail Price: $20AUD
  • Designed by: Fowles Wine in-house design team and Denomination
  • Designed for: Fowles Wine

Fowles Wine is an Australian, family owned wine producer located in the Strathbogie Ranges in Victoria.
Fowles are a farming family, with a generational history farming the land, with livestock as well as vineyards. We farm, we hunt, we prepare, we share. The philosophy behind our wine is that of connecting people to the “whole natural world”; the cyclical journey and symbiotic relationship between plants, animals and humans.
Fowles wines embody an inherent respect for the environment, a healthy passion for experiencing the unknown and pushing the boundaries in food and wine. There are three pillars to the portfolio of wines, each of which reflects the three tenets of the Fowles philosophy:
1. Farming (food focused wines)
2. Vineyard (regional wines)
3. Hunting (for the adventurous wine drinkers)

Are you Game? is a range of “Hunting” wines established in 2019 and which embody the values and philosophy of Fowles Wines and food sourced from the land. In line with the construction of a new, contemporary restaurant and cellar door using natural materials primarily from the farm, vineyard and local area, Fowles wanted to take the Are you Game? packaging to the next level and better reflect its brand positioning.

The Are you Game? packaging is designed to express adventure, exploration, wild game, and the unique characteristics and qualities of different meats. Varietals include a Sparkling NV, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and all are blended with a dash of something surprising. The labels are all different animals that can be found on the land and prepared as honest and delicious dishes from the source. They are a window into the wild and aimed at sophisticated epicureans, the curious and the instinctive.

Are you Game? wines are sold predominantly at the Fowles Cellar Door and in Coles. There were several challenges in designing these labels and achieving a balance between the company philosophy, the Are you Game? brand personality and understanding and expectations by mass retail and consumers.

One challenge was addressing the Fowles “Natural World’ philosophy and presenting it to consumers in a way to help them understand the relationship between the land, the animals and food, hunted and prepared from the source. For some consumers not used to a farming way of life, this can be confronting. For other consumers, considering game meat as a natural pairing with wines is also a challenging concept.

Other challenges include retaining a real, simple and earthy ‘natural’ feel but staying true to the brave, curious and witty character of the Are you Game? name and to communicating the premium-ness of the wine.

Finally, was achieving shelf stand out in a flooded market, particularly in the mainstream varietal category such as Chardonnay, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon and a popular price segment of $15 - $25. As a comparatively smaller player in the market, it was important for Fowles that the Are you Game? labels be disruptive and stand out, not only as a single variety but as a range.

Fowles worked with Denomination to radically redesign the Are you Game? Range in 2019 to be a bold, disruptive range that aligned to the “whole natural world” philosophy of the parent brand, Fowles.

To achieve their vision of unique and adventurous, Fowles commissioned illustrations for the new Are you Game? range. Bespoke label illustrations were created to portray one animal combined with elements of nature, flora and food, all connected to the region, land and vineyards.

The Are you Game? illustrations were based on six different animals. Each label was designed with a distinct coloured background to create an earthy feel but not necessarily be a traditional representation or a code of a grape variety. The Fowles Are you Game? brand name is printed in gold foil. There are hero elements in the label that are highlighted with a high-build gloss - including each animals eyes. This enhances the dramatic effect of the question the label is asking the consumer "Are you Game?".

To achieve a premium look and feel they were printed on premium stock and quality embellishments and foiling were used to create texture.

The Are you Game? name and brand personality allows scope to be adventurous and encourage exploration in order to achieve creative, yet effective and premium branding.

By using bespoke illustrations, Fowles was able to successfully symbolise their “Natural World” philosophy, create resonance with the consumer, achieve identity for each varietal and the range, elevate the perceived value and ultimately be creative and challenge the sometimes-conservative world of mass retail wine.

The varietal was also intentionally placed on the back label. While this is not common practice, especially in a mass retail environment, it was felt that the unique and eye-catching front label would draw the consumer’s attention and challenge them to pick up the bottle. The Are you Game? name then reinforces something different and challenges the consumer to think and explore further and importantly, encourage purchase.

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