Bella Sangría

Inspired in Spain
Hand-crafted in Australia
In ways both large and small, silly and sweet, we find a way to celebrate just about anything in life. We're at our happiest when we can have a laugh and share these moments with those closest to us. And that’s why we started Bella Sangría; to bring people together, to celebrate and to give extra attention to the good things in life.

We’ve partnered with Australia's most highly awarded organic winery, Mount Avoca, to achieve a premium wine base for Bella Sangría. The end result is a deliciously refreshing, all-natural, and pre-mixed Sangría, that’s bubbly, vegan-friendly, and best enjoyed in good company, anywhere, anytime.

Crystal bright scarlet with flashes of garnet, aromas of freshly cut orange, lemon, and ripe cherry combine with the natural berry aromas from the wine. The palate displays wonderful tropical fruit and citrus while the natural acidity provides great length and persistence with a lovely smooth and lingering finish.

First came the 750ml bottle of Bella Sangria Red, then came Bella Cans. Producing Bella Sangria in cans was a response to appeal to a younger generation, and to further sell the notion of convenience. The visual aim was to create a suite of new Sangria flavours, whilst inserting recognisable visual elements of the Bella Sangria brand.

Following two successful home-made style Sangría batches, Bella Sangria required an evolution of their brand to build recognition starting with a larger-scale production run in partnership with Australia's most highly awarded organic winery, Mount Avoca.
The new Bella bottle needed to showcase and own the fun and playful nature of the existing pack design, while transforming it's representation to reflect the quality and taste (sophistication) of the product.

• Positioning: Existing visual language wasn't in line with the brand values (inclusiveness, connection & celebration), personality (playful, real, social) and aspirations (to be Australia's best pre-mixed Sangria brand).
• Differentiation: Many competitors (which includes any flavoured wine and RTD's) and limited space on the shelf. Needed something that could stand out from the crowd
• Showcase USPs: Only a handful of pre-mixed Sangria brands are Australian, so there's an opportunity to own the space. Also, Bella's consumers have shown interest in locally made products, thanks to the growing attention to environmental concerns.
• Inclusiveness: The pack aims to give a sense of summer year-round. As well as a gender-neutral look, even if the target is female-driven.

The new Bella packaging hopes to be a fun reminder, to celebrate the little things.

• The 750mL shrink wrap bottle format encourages sharing and to give a sense of celebration (as you would typically associate with a champagne/sparkling wine bottle).
• The pack's key design element is the illustrations that hero the three key fruit flavours in Bella Sangria Red. The fruits are arranged in a playful overlapping way to highlight the notion of connection.
• Steering away from colours that are too feminine and utilising warm yet bright colors instead allows the bottle to appeal to both genders and a variety of ages.
• The bottle and can design also heroes white space to modernise and balance the design elements.
• The addition of the tagline "Spanish Classic, Aussie Made" takes a nod to the Spanish (because we wouldn't be typing this right now if it weren't for them) whilst highlighting that our product is Australian to help connect with the local market.
• Organised and structured type lock-ups on the front and back of the bottle not only helps overall readability but allows for a clean and refreshing look and feel.

Help with overall brand recognition & trust
Help build customer perception as a premium product
Sleek modern and minimal packaging with bright colours reminds you of Spain
The cans as well as the colours appeal to people of both genders and ages.
Big player interest (Dan Murphy's etc).

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