Step By Step

/ˌstɛp bʌɪ ˈstɛp/

So as to progress gradually and carefully from one stage to the next.

Learning to walk

Baking a cake

Making great wine

Developing a palate

Getting to know someone

Knowing yourself


Life is taking each step.

Our life is wine: making great wine is a step by step process, which started by sourcing quality fruit from a selection of premium South Australian vineyards.

In keeping with the step by step philosophy, this wine has been fashioned to capture the intrinsic characters of the grapes creating a wine which is soft and approachable.

In my experience the most challenging aspect of any redesign is the ability to get everyone on board a new look & feel and in this case a complete new brand angle. Instinctively people have an aversion to the idea of change, we’re creatures of familiarity and comfort, so when you go and completely shake things up, there is likely to be a little unrest.

With Step by Step - we weren’t only creating a refresh, but we were developing a redesign that would allow the brand to go in a new direction with a more millennial based target market. So the challenge then lied in our ability not to just create something fresh and new that would really make an impact when it hit shelves, but something that all the internal and external stakeholders could agree upon. When you compare the two labels, apart from the name (and naturally the great wine), there really aren’t any similarities between the new and the old designs. So rather than the development of the designs themselves, the most challenging aspect of the redesign was making sure everyone was on-board the new step by step.

Was a redesign that permitted us to take the brand in new direction, with a new sense of modernity and youthful appeal. It’s been designed for the new generation wine drinkers in mind, ones that are just as likely, if not more likely, to buy something eye catching and asethically pleasing, than a more traditional styled label. They look for brands that invoke and embody a younger flair, and this redesign allowed justthat.

The impact was similar to that of a reality show make-over - drastic. So obviously that in itself had a huge impact. It was realistically likelaunching a whole new brand all-together, so the re-design brought about the need to (pardon the pun) step back, and re-launch the brand.

The impact which that catalysed was huge, because made people already engaged with the brand really stop and take notice, and those who weren’t familiar with it, got to experience what to them would appear as a brand new fresh brand.

Before and After

Updated Design

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