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Taylors The Visionary Cabernet Sauvignon

Taylors The Visionary Cabernet Sauvignon

Taylors The Visionary was the first uber-luxury release from this family-owned wine company since they were established in 1969. Every aspect of the packaging design needed to reflect the uber-premium nature of the wine, including the presentation gift box which was the first touchpoint for consumers. The resulting gift box design set the tone for the whole consumer experience – the attention to detail, quality of finishes and finesse of design.

Prior to the launch of The Visionary, Taylors portfolio offering was limited to products priced between $10 and $60 per bottle in retail pricing terms. With the core of Taylors sales volume being generated in the $10-$20 segment, the belief – both internal and external – that Taylors could credibly enter the uber-premium category was mixed. Along with a wine that would disprove the disbelievers, every aspect of the packaging design needed to be so beautiful that it too would overcome any negativity.

The other key design challenge was time. From naming and concept development through to production, commercialisation and launch, were required in less than 10-months.

Each bottle of The Visionary is individually hand-labelled, hand-numbered and hand-packaged in a bespoke design luxury gift box and outer sleeve. The substantial outer sleeve of the gift box is resplendent in a metallised silver paper stock, featuring a large laser die-cut Taylors seahorse crest with a de-bossed foil block at the base. The inner gift box has been hand wrapped in black linen book cloth revelling in its sophisticated use of negative design space.

The label stock for each individually torn label and the dust jacket on the accompanying vintage booklet use the same paperstock which was specially sourced from an Italian mill founded in 1717. Both the front label and the dust jacket feature a large blind sculptured emboss of the Taylors seahorse crest. This desire to create a package in which every aspect was considered and crafted, elevated the design beyond its competitors.

“This is a wine that people will keep for many years to come and so we wanted to ensure that the design was at once timeless, classical and elegant yet ultimately very sophisticated. The gift packaging really was pivotal. With respect to the wine, we knew that we had the makings of our finest cabernet sauvignon, so it was fitting we match the same benchmark for quality and luxury with what we reflected in the final presentation of this wine.”

Mitchell Taylor, Managing Director, Taylors Wines

Every bottle of the initial The Visionary, priced at $200, (5,800 units x 750ml) were sold in the year of release. This exceptional vintage wine has been released in four further vintages.

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