Taylors Wakefield The Legacy

Taylors Wakefield The Legacy Cabernet Sauvignon

To celebrate 50 years of winemaking, Taylors wanted to release a rare, ultra-premium wine from the exceptional 2014 vintage. With just 1,080 bottles produced, this wine is a truly Limited Edition, and the client wanted Taylors Wakefield The Legacy to represent the very pinnacle: not only in its winemaking but also in its presentation. Inspired by the three generations of family, our design solution was to create a stunning sculpture which cradled the bottle. Their consumers were enamoured, with 80% of the allocation pre-sold before release, and the remaining 20% sold within months of launch.

The uber luxury wine category competes head on with other drinks categories that have the benefit of higher margins, such as whisky. As such, these brands are able to design proprietary bottles which helps elevate their status and communicate the prestigious nature of their offering. As Taylors had already bottled the wine five years before release, we needed to be creative with how we dressed the bottle in order to compete head-on with other luxury offerings, whilst ensuring that the precious contents of the wine would be protected.

Secondly, Taylors Wakefield The Legacy needed to appeal to consumers that have a high involvement with wine. These consumers enjoy treating themselves and consider wine to be their indulgence. They buy wine regularly and have a high spend per bottle. Therefore, the packaging needed promote the premium quality of the wine impactfully to this discerning audience. One of the key distribution channels was be Duty Free, and so the secondary target audience for consideration will be people looking at gifting solutions for family and friends – especially in the key market of China. Therefore the product packaging needed to be eye-catching in store, appear of a high quality and be reflective of the price point.

Finally, our design solution was highly unique and complex in its production. With the development of NFC technology and the requirement for its protection through a bespoke over-cap, we worked consistently over a four year timeframe to ensure that Taylors Wakefield The Legacy was ready for the 50 Year Anniversary of Taylors Wines.

Using a sleek, reverse tapered bottle, the wine was housed within a bespoke highly-polished metal sculpture. Three slightly twisting pillars, engraved with the signature from each generation of the family and representing the upward growth of vines, cradle the bottle. When eventually the wine has been enjoyed, the sculpture remains as a stunning object d’art.

Glimpsed through the sculpture is the bottle adorned with the Taylors / Wakefield logo of entwined seahorses, which were crafted by a master jeweller, in sterling silver and rhodium. An innovative tamper-proof NFC label was been applied to every bottle to reassure collectors of authenticity as well as to record and track each individual bottle’s cellaring history. The device was carefully concealed and protected by a bespoke over-cap which could be removed when a hidden pin is released.

The entire package was housed in a Japanned timber case complete with information booklet and a certificate of authentication, signed and hand-numbered to emphasise the limited quantity.

Mitchell Taylor, Managing Director, Taylors Wines, said:

“We wanted to celebrate our 50th anniversary by creating a wine that embodies our heritage and our vision for the future. A new world wine inspired by the great wines of the old world that would become a true family legacy.

Denomination’s work communicates that we are producers of some of the finest wines in the world. The care and craftsmanship over a four-year period – engineering details, solving incredibly complex problems with elements that, to the eye, seem so refined – has been a great challenge, but the results speak for themselves.”

At $1,000 per bottle, this was Taylors most expensive wine ever produced and sold. 80% of the allocation was pre-sold before release, and the remaining 20% sold within months of launch.

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