Paracombe A Trio of Pinot

Sparkling Rosè A joyful gathering of three Pinot family members, Gris, Noir and Blanc playfully blended for this sparkling wine with soft blush colour.

Needed a beautiful label design to capture hearts and minds for our new to market Sparkling Rose, A Trio of Pinot .

We felt sparkling rose was an emerging wine style set to grow in popularity to be enjoyed at celebrations, picnics, lunches. I was excited as I could not find this style of wine made from the three pinot grape varieties, so we were setting a trend and a game changer in the market. The packaging was important.

I asked Milly Howell a young, creative graphic designer to work with me on this project and I also brought in Gavin Klose who designed our original label to support to bring in his passion for Paracombe and experience.

We came up with the vine leaf and grape design but needed to retain the integrity and the presence of our logo so it was clearly recognisable as a Paracombe wine. The format of the photo of the grape on stone which we use would not work and then how to make the logo look good with the vine and grape illustration design

The first release had a black hood and no neck label with the thinking to keep it simple and not female specific. Whilst it looked good, we felt it was not quite finished in it's look.

Placed the grape on stone logo embossed with Paracombe, wine name and region boxed within the vine and grape design with white space surrounding to make it work perfectly. The vine and grape design features only three bunches of grapes to signify the three pinot grape varieties used in the wine making.

The embossed and raised rose gold foil print looks beautiful and portrays the colour of the wine. It pops on the subtly textured off white paper stock.

Change the hood to a soft dusk pink and added a neck label with the embossed rose gold logo, Paracombe each side and a bunch of grapes at the back. Finished it perfectly.

Grabs attention because of it's elegant, old world, whimsical yet modernistic style. It captures the heart straight away and people pick up the bottle to feel the raised print and read the story about the wine on the back label. Excellent design for photography and social media. People ask for the wine in retail outlets because they have seen it on Paracombe social media.

It is popular for male and female and cross section of all ages. International agents love it making great potential in global market.

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