Take it to the Grave

Take it to the Grave Pinot Noir, 250ml can

Overcoming the barriers to entry with the creation of the Take it to the Grave canned wines was crucial for success. The resulting design turns the limitations of can printing on its head with a premium yet edgy can design.

Fourth Wave Wines is an independent wine supplier with a philosophy to think ahead of the curve, and to launch products and brands that address white space opportunities. Fourth Wave Wines came to Denomination with an idea to redefine the portion-control market through the introduction of canned wines.

Canned wine was a relatively new concept in the Australian market. Similar to issues facing cask wine, there were concerns that consumers would not see a canned wine as high in quality as the bottled format. Secondly, both trade and consumers automatically associated the can format with outdoor convenience occasions – music festivals, picnics, beach etc. However Fourth Wave believed that this was limiting as to the occasion frequency and therefore market penetration. The key goal was for consumers and trade to understand the portion-control benefit that a canned wine can provide.

Our client wanted to capitalise on the growing popularity of its brand Take it to the Grave - a contemporary wine brand created by Denomination in 2016. So the challenge was to take the distinctive brand assets of this brand, but use them in way that maximized the real estate of the can as well as be within the limitations of the production process.

Our creative strategy was to dial up the quality perception of the Take it to the Grave can in order to overcome any perceived quality issues. Capitalising on the silver substrate of the can, the design uses a combination of clean white, silver and gold “foiling” throughout the design of the can to communicate quality and bring through conventional table wine design cues.

The Take it to the Grave cans reflect the brand personality of the table wines: a combination of playful, quirky, quality and “Day of the Dead” contemporariness. By incorporating the distinctive assets from the table wines – the skeletal musicians and the gold filigree, the connection to the popular table wine brand could be easily made by consumers.

The premium cues used to illustrate the wines’ attributes, such as medals and tasting notes, replace the usual outdoor and on-the-go messaging associated with cans to encourage consumers to think about canned wine as a way to drink less at one sitting and help prevent wastage. The medals and graphic embellishments also signal quality and differentiate this brand on shelf.

The Take it to the Grave cans not only delivered 10% total brand growth, the red varietals have proven the potential of traditional red wine in can format – not just sweet, “bubbly” wines.

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